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Direct From the Era of Awesome: The 80s Dude!
The 80s Dude
MY DUDES! The party can start NOW because your main man, The 80s Dude!, is here. My bodacious personality, neon kicks, and ability to start a rad party anywhere, at anytime just landed me a gig with The 80s Cruise. I have two jobs: 1. Get you the 411 about The 80s Cruise (hence this newsletter, duh). 2. Get the 80s party started!

This cruise is totally boss, and nothing explains that better than our 2018 video. Have you watched it?

From the desk of The 80s Dude! roving reporter for The 80s Cruise. Feel free to express your views or pose questions to him at
The 80s Cruise Dude
Returning to the Turntable: Berlin’s Christopher Olivas
Christopher Olivas
Christopher Olivas, the drummer of Berlin, took the stage during The 80s Cruise 2018 for a surprise DJ set, and instantly became a fan fave. Guests raved about his eclectic jams and deep cuts, so we’re bringing him back! Christopher, one of Southern California’s hottest DJs, will have even more DJ sets during The 80s Cruise 2019! It’s just one way we’re making The 80s Cruise Bigger, Louder and More Radical Than Ever!
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Damn Skippy! The 80s Cruise Is an Excellent Buy
Only on The 80s Cruise
Did you know when you purchase a stateroom on The 80s Cruise, a ton of totally amazing experiences come with it?! You’ll experience more than 50 concerts and live performances, costume parties and themed events, exciting ports of call and all the food you could ever want. But what our guests tell us they love the most are the opportunities to meet and interact with the celebrities – experiences that happen Only on The 80s Cruise.
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Pop Quiz: Which Starship Song Blasted
 to the Top of the Charts?

Stuck in the '80s Trivia
Everyone knows Starship’s "We Built This City" was No. 1 on the U.S. Hot 100 in 1985, but it wasn't the band’s only chart-topping hit in our decade. Which of the following was NOT a No. 1 hit for Starship (or Jefferson Starship) during the 80s:

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"
"Find Your Way Back"

Give up? The answer is on The 80s Cruise Facebook page.
Check your answer.