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80s Cruise In The News

Live From The 80s Cruise: Why A Music Theme Cruise is the Best Party at Sea

The Managing Editor at Cruise Critic sailed the entire week on The 80s Cruise and her reporting was totally awesome. Chris Gray Faust was there for all the concerts, parties, theme nights, celebrity hosted events and awesome activities. Now, that's a killer work assignment.

You should check out the full story, but we’ll tease you with Cruise Critic’s takeaways:

  1. There are concerts galore.
  2. Music is everywhere.
  3. People are hardcore … and super friendly.
  4. Drink packages abound.
  5. Costumes are the go-to attire.
  6. The environment is kid-free.
  7. There are no rules.
  8. The pool scene is crazy.
  9. Day panels are killer.
  10. Artists are accessible.
  11. Nightlife goes until your drop.

10 Totally Tubular Ways The 80s Cruise Makes You Relive Your Youth

One awesome Cruise Critic report from The 80s Cruise couldn’t fully cover the wall-to-wall 80s experience. That’s why Cruise Critic posted 5 stories from their week at sea at The Ultimate 80s Party.

In this dispatch, Cruise Critic took a deep dive into the reasons why we love our annual dance down memory lane. It all starts with the people – our rock star guests who share a bond forged in the 1980s.

Check out Cruise Critic’s 10 Totally Tubular Ways The 80s Cruise Makes You Relive Your Youth.

Ready for spandex, mullets and leg warmers? The 80s Cruise returns to South Florida

We only need 1 word and an exclamation point to answer the question in the South Florida Sun Sentinel’s headline: Totally!

The 80s Cruise is the ultimate experience for those of us who love the music, culture, fashion and lifestyle of the 1980s. Even though we know the answer to that question, you should totally check out the full story to find out more about The Ultimate 80s Party!

Just Back From The 80s Cruise: Talking Cruise With Musical Icon Sheila E.

Sheila E.’s performances on The 80s Cruise were nothing short of amazing. The percussionist and vocalist rocked the Celebrity Theater, but in her downtime Sheila E. was living the glamorous life at sea.

“I think people love being around water. It is calming, relaxing. It's like you're ... It's not the same, but it's almost like saying you're going to Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. On the cruise, I feel like it's the same thing. Like everything that's happening here, this is our experience, you know?” Sheila E. told Cruise Critic in an onboard video.

Click here to read the interview.

Just Back From The 80s Cruise: Talking Cruise With Rock Star Dee Snider

Dee Snider had never been on a cruise ship before when he stepped onto our party boat in March. In an onboard interview with Cruise Critic, Dee said the experience exceeded his rock star expectations.

“I do a lot of convention appearances; I'm used to that one-on-one thing there, but the spirit of the cruisers [here] … They're right out of the gate. It's like there's no warming up, there's no ‘I gotta ease into this.’ It's just bam, shot out of a cannon, and there's a great camaraderie amongst the people on the cruise,” Dee said.

Click here to read the full onboard interview with Dee Snider.