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Artist Spotlight

Get to Know Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels has a lot to look forward to on The 80s Cruise in March. Performing kickass concerts Partying with the most passionate 80s fans in the world Enjoying the Caribbean Basking in the positive spirit and attitude he misses from the 80s Raising awareness for his awesome charitable efforts Growing as an artist and creative entrepreneur We know Bret is a badass musician and [Read More]

Tony Hadley: Still Spinning Gold

When Tony Hadley takes the stage this coming spring onboard The 80s Cruise, he’ll bring with him a collection of songs that basically helped create a new genre of music in our beloved decade. Tony and his former band Spandau Ballet were among the icons of the New Romantic movement in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Born in the nightclub scenes of London and [Read More]

Two SiriusXM stars join The 80s Cruise

SiriusXM 1st Wave DJ Larry “The Duck” Dunn and Volume host Lori Majewski are the latest 80s heroes to join the celebrity and artist lineup of the 2020 voyage of The 80s Cruise. Both names and voices should be very familiar to most cruise fans: Dunn was the longtime music director and on-air personality of famed Long Island radio station WLIR during our beloved decade. [Read More]

Get to Know John Payne and His Version of Asia

It’s hard to imagine the radio and MTV landscape of the early 1980s without the supergroup Asia. A collection of British prog rock veterans, the group filled the airwaves with anthems such as “Heat of the Moment,” “Only Time Will Tell” and “Sole Survivor” from their debut 1982 album. A second album — “Alpha” — in 1983 gave fans more hits along with the legendary [Read More]

Q&A with Lita Ford

THE 80s CRUISE: On the 2020 sailing of The 80s Cruise, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the decade. What were you up to in 1980? LITA FORD: 1980 was a time of transition … coming out of The Runaways, an all-girl bunch of teenaged punks, a rebellious group of hormones, and starting my solo career. “Who the fuck is Lita Ford?” … I [Read More]